Friday, February 24, 2012

Vitoria 2012 Slab Show Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Granite Shop recently attended, Vitoria 2012 a Slab Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was an incredible experience and a great way to expose The Granite Shop to new slab materials that haven't even set foot in the states. Some of these materials will we purchased for various projects The Granite Shop is currently working on. 

First glance at Vitoria from the plane. 

Entrance to the Vitoria 2012 Slab Show

 Picture of their stone quarries...where everything begins. There is an intensive process that ends with kitchen countertops.  Mountains are mined and cut into blocks where the blocks are inspected and sent to only the best distributors.  

Advertising is always more extoic when in Brazil!  Antolini Luigi - the premier stone producer knows how to showcase Mother Nature in all aspects we see.....! 


 Fusion Marble:

This slab is absolutely gorgeous. I love the variety of color and the movement it has.

This particular slab would be great for a book matched application. 

Orion Granite:

This slab is absolutely gorgeous in person, it has gold flecks in it that cast a shimmery glow. The color in this slab is incredible, the green/teal with the copper is a unique combination. 

Bamboo Marble:

Exceptional Color

Iceberg Blue Onyx:

This rare type of onyx has beautiful variation and cool blue tones. It  looks stunning in this application.

Lumix Onyx Backlit:

Inquire about the slabs on their way - some are pre-sold and The Granite Shop just wanted to show what Mother Nature is producing - while other slabs are available in about 4 weeks when they arrive via containers from South America.